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Horseback Riding for Your Fitness - H O R S E S F O R E X E R C I S E . C O M



The movement of the horse puts the body in a constant state of stabilizing itself. The muscles are always righting the body on a dynamic surface. This tones the trunk core stabilizers and develops the rider’s balance. The legs and thighs are being toned by the isometric contractions of the muscles. The arms, shoulders and back assist in controlling the horse whereby also being trained. These things are happening even if you are not thinking about it - Say strolling on a trail ride!

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  • EQUITATION is the correct body position while riding to facilitate the balance and movement of the horse and increasing the safety of the rider.
  • DRESSAGE works at finding the most gymnastically correct way for the horse to carry itself and for the rider to be in tune with the horse.
  • HUNT SEAT SKILLS further challenge the skills of the horse and rider through the use of poles and/or jumps.
  • STABLE MANAGEMENT teaches the basic handling skills, vet care, tack maintenance, feeding and grooming of the horses.
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Training and Lesson Rates


  • 1 Hour Lessons - $65 Pre-paid 1 month in advance to ensure lesson availability
    (All lessons cancled Must notifiy 24 hours in advance to be able to reschedule)
  • Join us now for the beginner’s package and receive 50% off your first riding lesson!
  • Other Lesson packages available


For more information on Training
Please contact Cherylin Von Aldenbruck
By email: forcherylin@yahoo.com

By phone: 949.400.5591

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