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Horseback Riding for Your Fitness - H O R S E S F O R E X E R C I S E . C O M

WELCOME TO EQUESTRICISE! We would like to introduce you, your family, and friends to a brand new way to get fit. EQUESTRICISE gives you the possibility to connect with our horses, ponies and the great stable surrounding. We supply the tack and the horse so you do not have a huge expense to get started with this great, fun outdoor sport.

CHERYLIN Von Aldenbruck, owner and inventor of EQUESTRICISE, is caring, hard working and trainer for over 20 years. Certified Advanced Level Instructor with championships in Dressage, Hunters, Jumper and other equestrian competitions. Qualified to find the right horse for you.

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  • Have you ever wanted to ride horses but thought you did not have the time because of work and family commitments?
  • Are your friends riding in a high pressure barn and you just want to ride and learn without a lot of expense and time constraints?
  • Are the kids now in school and you finally have some time for yourself?
  • Or are you trying to get back in shape after having a baby and the thought of being stuck in a gym is not motivating?


To increase self-confidence, poise, balance, self-awareness, dedication, motivation and responsibility in our clients.


The idea behind EQUESTRICISE came because of a need for my business to incorporate many types of riding into one program and seeing that there is a need in the community for an enjoyable, outdoor, self motivating alternative to going to the gym.

This is a sport the whole family can experience. We have never only been a hunt seat or dressage training barn. We have a background in Pony Club, therapeutic riding, hunters, jumpers, dressage, eventing, even western pleasure and galloping racehorses. EQUESTRICISE allows us to tap into all of these backgrounds to give our riders variety and a good overall picture of horsemanship.

Join us now for the beginner’s package and receive 50% off your first riding lesson!

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